Welcome to The Archery Place – Glad you found us!  We are proud to serve you in both French & English.  We’ve been doing archery almost 25 years!  The range and business at our present location were created in 2012 w the help of LOCAL CONTRACTORS – and we thank them!  This is an amazing facility.  Come visit us…

The Archery Place offers a wide range of fine archery products and quality services from professional, certified staff.  We invite you to browse our website to view the latest & greatest products you might want and then contact us by email archeryplace@bell.net or call (705) 752-5853 so we can provide them for you and/or install them too!

Please consider getting your equipment from our PRO SHOP, especially If you’re a first time buyer-archer-athlete… At The Archery Place we ensure that your new bow is a good fit & properly tuned. We share the proper knowledge to shoot well in a safe and positive environment!. 

Here, we shoot for the sheer pleasure of it! Won’t you join us???  Indoors and out-all year round - along with our ‘archery family’.  We enjoy ALL forms of archery like Field, Target, 3D – and yes - hunting too!

*Closed on ALL STATUTORY HOLIDAYS and for Major Provincial Events.  Listing available at the Ontario Association of Archers Website :

https://www.oaa-archery.on.ca/  Thank you!

Andy, Renée, Jetta & Tikka




If you want to do archery; we want to work with you!